CE Marking

CE Marking to BS EN 1090-1 became a legal requirement on all structural steel products on 1st July 2014.

At SMK ENG we are already fully compliant with this legislation and all products delivered to site will carry a CE Mark.

The advent of CE Marking places onerous obligations not only on us as the steel contractor but also on the client and / or the principal contractor to make sure that steel products specified for a project carry the CE Mark.

We have been working hard over a long period to be accredited to this standard and achieved it in in November 2014. This means our  existing clients or potential new clients, can plan their future Projects with the confidence that SMK Engineering  will meet this demanding requirement.


Factory Production Control (FPC)
Welding Certificate

For further information please contact,

Mark Durbin
SMK Engineering (UK) Ltd
0151 423 2320

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