Health, Safety & Environment

We accept that our activities will in some way will affect the environment. We accept that we contribute to cumulative actions that cause measurable effects. With this in mind we will seek to minimise the adverse contribution that our activities cause by adopting the following:-

  1. Care about the environment in all forms and recognise that concern for the environment should be an integral part of the business.
  2. Establish environmental performance standards that as a minimum fully comply with all relevant regulations minimise impact on our work place.
  3. For our office we consider that the main environmental impacts arise from purchasing ( specifically the environmental impact of suppliers) generation of office waste paper( and subsequent waste segregation) and the use of company vehicles.
  4. For our workshop and clients sites we consider that the main environmental impacts arise from – the use of powered equipment and the use of welding equipment and other consumables , and in addition some scrap mental will be generated which will be recycled.
  5. Provide the necessary training and support to employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil the requirements of the environmental system.
  6. Before committing to capital spending or before entering into any new business venture the contract impact on the environment will be fully considered.
  7. Progressively improve levels of environmental performance including the reduction of waste generated by the operations and commercial activities of the company through promoting recycling , waste minimisation and reuse using the concept of reducing cost.
  8. Ensure that all methods of disposal and unusable waste comply all relevant legislation.

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